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On Ceremony 06:18


This is the second record by this group, which features ten multi-instrumentalists.  The personnel has changed since the last record, due in part to a migration to California (Danny Lubin-Laden, Joe Hartnett, Evan Hughes), to new relationships developing in New York (Aaron Rourk, Kenny Warren, Tom Bergeron, Zach Lane, Chris Doyle) and to one old musical relationship persisting against all odds over great distances (Alex Truelove).  Otherwise, Kyle Wilson, Ben Cohen, Ross Gallagher, and I all remain from the previous manifestation.

With the loss of Evan Hughes’ drumming, I decided to try something I’ve been thinking about for a long time; to have the whole group contribute on percussion periodically instead of having a full-time percussionist.  I was fascinated by the possibilities of group rhythm, and how a group can create a dynamic and diverse rhythmic texture. The results vary, I think, but the kind of full group commitment to rhythm that it demanded was an eye-opening and inspiring experiment to undertake.

This is by far the most labor-intensive project of my design, and in some ways the most personal.  With the incredible possibilities of a large group of improvisers, I feel encouraged to include everything I can imagine in the music.  So I do, and I try not to leave anything out if it interests me—I love melody, complexity, intellect, emotion, intensity, consistent and inconsistent rhythm, improvisation, gentleness, madness, beauty, simplicity, and with this capable and flexible group, I feel as though I can let all these elements co-exist without dumbing anything down.

While it is a very personal project for me, this music also includes substantial creative input from lots of people.  The music is often improvisatory, sometimes in an extended and formless way, so the music is a very real expression of all the people who make up the group, and in the sections of full-group improvisation, of the group as a whole.  You will also hear the influence of Mike Kutchman, his approach to the recording process and his distinctive recording space. Fox Schwach co-engineered the session and undertook the huge task of mixing a record like this.  I think you will appreciate the work he’s done, as well as the mastering work done by Jacob Blumberg.

Besides all the people who actively worked on the record to make it what it is, many other people and events in my life inevitably shaped the way it came out. Katherine Perkins has been a big part of my life for the past three years, and her presence has touched so much of the genesis of the music as I wrote it and continued to shape it with the group. The ongoing process of exploration that took us out of New York and continues to guide the way we live is manifest in this collection of music, and as my passions and curiosities continue to evolve so the music I make will bear the mark of that evolution.

I hope that you feel free to engage with this music however it suits you. There’s a lot of information in it, and it’s incredibly dense at times, but my hope is that we provide enough of an emotional balance over the course of the whole record, and that it proves itself over time as a living and breathing piece of work, with all the quirks, imperfections, and surprises you'd expect from a living thing.


released April 1, 2016

Chris Doyle ... Wurlitzer keyboard, percussion
Ross Gallagher ... upright bass, percussion
Zach Lane ... upright bass, percussion
Alex Truelove ... trombone, percussion
Kenny Warren ... trumpet (2,3,4,5), percussion (3,4,5)
Thomas Bergeron ... trumpet (1,6)
Ben Cohen ... tenor sax, soprano sax (5), percussion
Kyle Wilson ... tenor sax, soprano sax (5), percussion
Aaron Rourk ... clarinet (3,5,6), bs clarinet (1,2,4,5), alto sax (1), perc.
Danny Fisher-Lochhead ... alto sax, soprano sax (5,6), percussion

All compositions by Danny Fisher-Lochhead

Recorded at KUTCH-1 Studios by Mike Kutchman and Fox Schwach on May 26th and October 11th of 2015

Mixed by Fox Schwach

Mastered by Jacob Blumberg

Cover art by Katherine Perkins, On Ceremony (2016)

Cover photograph by Peter Logue

Released on Fishkill Records on 4/1/16


all rights reserved



Danny Fisher-Lochhead Bar Harbor, Maine

The music found here is from a number of different projects that I've lead in the past few years. The results are dissimilar in some ways although some inevitable threads of consistency can be drawn between them. I plan on continuing to release music on this site from whichever source it happens to come, whichever formulation speaks the most convincingly. ... more

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